A Free software to Play Live Music in Online Jam Sessions


A free (and open source) software to connect in ninjam servers and play music jam sessions with people around the world.

JamTaba is provided "AS IS", without warranty of any kind, express or implied.



JamTaba is available as Standalone software, VST and AU plugin.

JamTaba 2.1.16

Mac OSX (64 bits)

Download previous Versions
v 2.1.15 v 2.1.14 v 2.1.13

Change log

  • v2.1.16 (12/20/2020)
    1. Allowing MIDI sync with external gears (available in JTBA Standalone only)
    2. Increase video resolution
    3. Allow disable inactivity monitor
    4. Videochannel not xmiting audio data on channel 2
    5. bots subtracted from servers maxusers
    6. allow full internet server name address
    7. replacing ninjam chat tab server name for tooltip
  • v2.1.15 (06/30/2020)
    1. Fixing the BPM and BPI fixed to 120/16 bug when entering any server.
    2. Fixing bug when change bpi or bpm.
    3. Fixing looper loading when using ogg files.
    4. Fixing empty input/output fields in Mac audio preferences.
    5. Fixing crash when user 'booga' is connected to server.
    6. Improving buffer size values in Mac and Linux to avoid very small values.
    7. Adding some missing instrument icons.
    8. Improving multi track recording - now ogg filename numbers are padded to always use the same number of digits.
    9. Listing private servers from a json file (private_server.json).
  • v2.1.14 (05/22/2020)
    1. Showing active cams first in "grid view" to help see who is playing
    2. Adding Italian Translation
    3. Adding Korean Translation
    4. Improve acessibliity (adding some controls description to help screen reader users)
    5. Fixing JamTaba starting issue when last used ASIO driver is not available
    6. Fixing some controls get behind the video (local channel) when using cam.
    7. Showing Cockos private server information when enter in a server
  • v2.1.13 (04/29/2020)
    1. Fixing VST plugin can't connect to any room.
    2. Fixing Standalone audio device not detected.
    3. Fixing enter key clearing text in chat box.
  • v2.1.12 (04/26/2020)
    1. Auto muting user channels when very high levels are detected
    2. Improving video encoding to avoid spikes in bandwith usage
    3. Improving grid view to be more video friendly
    4. Fixing narrowed channel when receiving video
    5. Saving external audio device names (Usefull to bluetooth devices)
    6. Fixing missing Qt libraries in Linux installer
    7. Some translation updates (CL and FR)
  • v2.1.11 (04/11/2020)
    1. New Feature: Voice Chat (use for quick conversations only)
    2. Fixing missing DLLs in Windows 7
    3. Always showing servers port
    4. Fixing country flags missing in public chat and ninjam room
  • v2.1.10 (03/31/2020)
    1. Fixing cropped windows in VST plugin
    2. Fixing Black Screen in AU plugin
    3. Fixing country flags for connected users ( geo location data is comming from ninbot, thanks to Tom)
    4. No more server and incompatibility version problems (getting public servers data from Ninbot, thanks Tom)
    5. Fixing Small UI on 4K screens (enabling high dpi scaling)
    6. Adding live streams for live.ninjamer servers
    7. Fixing the 2 different "Documents" directories in Linux
  • v2.1.9 (03/21/2020)
    1. Fixing world map drawing when we have users with unknown location
    2. Fixing Crash when using chords while Discord's bot is online
    3. Adding more IP to location accounts to avoid exaust the APIs free quota
    4. Updating PortAudio library (Affect Standalone version only)
  • v2.1.8 (12/26/2018 - Xmas hot fix)
    1. [bug fix] Hot fix to audio gap between intervals.
  • v2.1.7 (12/24/2018 - Xmas version)
    1. New tool to create Chord Progressions
    2. Vst Plugin working inside OhmStudio and possible in others DAWs.
    3. Improving audio device selection in Mac OSX [JamTaba Standalone]
    4. Limiting video resolution to 320x240 to avoid server disconnections
    5. Cleaner World Map - not showing country names
    6. Fixing the issue when not showing all users connected in a server (Using a fallback geolocation API)
    7. Fixing Discord Server not showing user location
  • v2.1.6 (10/12/2018)
    1. [Hot Fix] Fixing country flags problem (replacing Nekudo API)
    2. [NEW] Rendering images links directly in chat (if link is not prefixed with https)
    3. [Bug fix] Not hearing metronome acccent after set to off
    4. [Instruments Icon] Adding Harmonica icon
    5. [DEVS] Using new VST SDK file structure
  • v2.1.5 (07/04/2018)
    1. [New] Using h264 as video codec (better video quality and low bandwith usage)
    2. [New] Audio peak meters are 'mixed' with level sliders
    3. [New] Using instrument icons for local and remote channels
    4. [New] Showing ninbot level warning messages only to the "too loud" musician, not to everybody
    5. [New] Adding two options for jam directory name format
    6. [Improving] Public chat ON by default and saving chat status
    7. [Improving] Improving message when user leaves a private chat
    8. [Improving] Making prior versions available for download in JamTaba website
    9. [Bug Fix] Fixing JamTaba 32 bits not starting (missing a DLL file)
    10. [Bug Fix] Some public chat widgets are using wrong colors after change theme bug
    11. [Bug Fix] Fixing user's color in chat changing on every comment
    12. [Bug Fix] Fixing frozen video when remote user turns off camera
    13. [Bug Fix] Fixing some meters wrong colors in Navy theme
    14. [Bug Fix] Fixing stereo inverse empty icon when creating new channel/subchannel
    15. [Bug Fix] Fixing Mute and Solo buttons cropped in horizontal layout
    16. [Standalone - Bug fix] Fixing some VSTi making Jamtaba crash at restart
  • v2.1.4 (03/10/2018)
    1. [New] Allowing private server hosting (easy to use private servers)
    2. [New] Public Chat
    3. [New] Allowing server invitations (for public servers or your private server)
    4. [New] Suporting emojis in chat
    5. [New] Modernizing chat messages layout
    6. [New] Allowing changes in chat font size
    7. [New] Remembering collapsed sections (bottom, left and chat) when starting JamTaba
    8. [New] Showing network usage (in Kbps) for each ninjamer channel
    9. [New] Adding a new 'Game' theme
    10. [New] Transmiting muted local channels (usefull when using direct monitoring)
    11. [New] Using RtMidi 3.0 in Standalone
    12. [Improvement] Limiting autotranslation to remote users only
    13. [AU Bug fix] Fixing AU plugin initial size
    14. [AU/VST Bug Fix] Fixing empty "Remembering" preferences tab in AU/VST
    15. [Bug fix] Fixing cropped level meters when collapsed
  • v2.1.3 (10/30/2017)
    1. [Bug fix] Fixing the gap in xmited audio stream
  • v2.1.2 (10/29/2017)
    1. [New] New 'Navy' theme
    2. [New] Adding a collapse button for chat
    3. [New] Adding a collapse button for bottom area
    4. [New] Showing unreaded chat messages when chat is collapsed
    5. [New] Adding preferences to remember ninjamers details
    6. [New] Reminding users if local tracks are not transmiting for long time
    7. [New] New boost button's method (using 2 small buttons)
    8. [Bug fix] Fixing the video decoder crash
    9. [Bug fix] Fixing video xmit in Mac
    10. [Bug fix] [Standalone] Fixing the bug when selecting input channels like 3&4 or 5&6
    11. [Bug fix] Fixing skinny user names in Black Theme, in horizontal tracks mode
    12. [Bug fix] Fixing camera combobox after collapsing and expanding local channel
    13. [Bug fix] Showing block chat icon in blocked channel if you leave and rejoin a server
    14. [Bug fix] Fixing cropped Camera and dB markers when local track is collapsed
    15. [Bug fix] Applygin multitrack recording changes while jamming
    16. [Enhancement] color corrections in some themes
    17. [Enhancement] Fixing channel name placeholder too narrow to appear complete
    18. [Enhancement] Improve default recordings directory to "Jams" folder
    19. [Enhancement] Improving ESC key to exit from server if jamming and close if not.
    20. [Enhancement] Some wrong english words and text enhancements
    21. [Enhancement] [VST Plugin] Adding separation between TopPanel and Channel in local tracks
  • v2.1.1 (10/09/2017)
    1. [New] Metronome accent patterns
    2. [New] Grid layout for ninjam channels and bigger cams images.
    3. [New] Improving video rendering quality
    4. [New] Showing Crash Report Dialog after a crashed jam
    5. [New] Easy to use private messages
    6. [New] Allowing server admin comands in chat
    7. [Bug fix] Fixing vorbis decoder crash when no samples are decoded
    8. [Bug Fix] no sound being transmitted to the room when xmit is previously set to off
    9. [Crash detection] Catching exceptions in video decoder
  • v2.1.0 (09/16/2017)
    1. Transmiting and receiving video streams
    2. Allowing camera selection
  • v2.0.20 (05/04/2017)
    1. [New] Built-in audio Looper
    2. [New] Improvements in audio processing performance
    3. [New] Showing dB markers in audio meters
    4. [New] Showing current slider dB or pan value in tooltip (like Reaper)
    5. [New] Translated to Danish (by Torben)
    6. [New] Improving AU/VST plugin window resize
    7. [New] Reducing vertical space usage in chat messages
    8. [New] Avoiding auto scroll in chat if user is reading old messages
    9. [AU Plugin] Fixing AU plugin validation on Logic
    10. [AU Plugin] Fixing AU plugin crash in Logic when audio buffer size is changed
    11. [AU Plugin] Fixing host sync in MainStage
    12. [VST plugin] Fixing keystrokes in Sonar
    13. [Bug fix] Fixing misplaced midi routing arrow in Standalone
    14. [Bug fix] Fixing user and channel name change in VST/AU plugin
    15. [Bug fix] Fixing MidiTools Learn function
    16. [Bug fix] Fixing Local Mono channels xmit when hard panned to the right
  • v2.0.19 (02/09/2017)
    1. [New] JamTaba can be used as an Audio Unit (AU) plugin in Mac OSX
    2. [New] JamTaba standalone is hosting AU plugins in Mac OSX. Now is possible use VST and AU plugins in standalone.
    3. [New] Four new sound wave drawing modes when listening public rooms
    4. [New] Showing system memory usage in top right corner
    5. [New] New "Ice" theme
    6. [New] Not muting local input audio when about to sync with Host. Users can play while waiting for sync.
    7. [New] Midi routing feature: allowing midi controlled audio tracks (like vocoders)
    8. [New] Dropping mini mode - now VST and AU plugin have "Window resize" options in View menu
    9. [Improvement] Improving VST scanning in Mac OSX to avoid re-scan at every JamTaba restart.
    10. [Improvement] Audio and MIDI meter improvements - painting segmented meters
    11. [Improvement] Improving to show public servers in two collumn layout if the user screen is big enough.
    12. [Improvement] Changing data folder from AppData/Local to appData/Roaming
    13. [Improvement] Fixing themes exporting - recent changes will be always exported
    14. [Improvement] Dropping the version number in the main window title
    15. [Improvement] Improving VST preferences window to show details about VST scanning process
    16. [Bug fix] Top level text input fields in VST and AU plugin to avoid keystroke problems
    17. [Bug fix] Fixing bug in MIDI input after use "Reset track track controls"
    18. [Bug fix] Fixing "Loading rooms list" dialog not centered at launch
    19. [Bug fix] Closing metronome floating window when closing JamTaba
  • v2.0.18 (12/16/2016)
    1. [New] - Two types of Low Cut: Normal (120 Hz) and Drastic (180 Hz).
    2. [New] - "Receive" button for ninjamer tracks
    3. [New] - Jamtaba is supporting Polish (translated by Qulf)
    4. [New] - Now is possible set a "GUI refresh rate" in Jamtaba configuration file. This is usefull to reduce the GUI refreshes and reduce CPU usage. Jamtaba is refreshing at 30 Hz by default (like Reaper).
    5. [New] - Loading themes from external folder. Now every user can tweek the themes files and see the result in Jamtaba.
    6. [New] - borders from world maps are removed.
    7. [New] - Storing 32 and 64 bits presets in different folders
    8. [New] - Allowing Delete presets.
    9. [Vst Plugin] - Automatic un-sync when ninjam bpm is changed
    10. [Vst Plugin] - Using 720 pixels as minimum height. Usefull for laptop users using the Vst PLugin.
    11. [VstPlugin] - Fixing Backspace and DELETE keys problem in Cubase.
    12. [Improvement] - Avoid scrolling when chat text words are very looooooong
    13. [Improvement] - Improving configuration file to allow manual definiton of record directory.
    14. [Improvement] - Matching some icons colors with the theme palletes
    15. [Improvement] - Translating some common words like "Yes/No" in message dialogs.
    16. [Improvement] - Showing country names in english if the current user language is not supported in the country name translation service.
    17. [Improvement] - Using a wider "Connecting dialog" when connecting in ninjam server
    18. [Bug fix] - Fixed the wrong bpm shown in combo box when voting same BPM several times
    19. [Bug fix] - Fixed the GUI layout bug when loading preset in mini mode
    20. [Bug Fix] - Fixed: theme menu not updating translation correctly after second consecutive language change
    21. [Bug fix] - fixing "reset channel does not reset gain buttons, stereo inversion button and xmit button status"
    22. [Bug fix] - fixing "loading presets do not update xmit button position if previously set to non-xmit"
  • v2.0.17 (09/07/2016)
    1. [Bug fix] Fix a annoying bug was freezing Jamtaba in initialization.
    2. [Bug fix] Fixing key typing issues in Vst plugin (specific for Sonar)
    3. [New] Differentiation for translated messages
    4. [New] Volcano theme
  • v2.0.16 (08/26/2016)
    1. [NEW] Showing musicians in world map
    2. [NEW] Fixing the bug in channel names with special letters
    3. [NEW] Now chords are editable (double click in a chord)
    4. [NEW] Jamtaba2 VST is accepting special keys (like Japanese input).
    5. [NEW] Added a "low cut" button for ninjam tracks
    6. [NEW] Adding combobox for private servers
    7. [BUG FIX] Fixing ASIO4ALL overload when listening public rooms.
    8. [BUG FIX] Listing audio files (wav and ogg) in custom metronome audio file chooser.
    9. [BUG FIX] Fixing wrong values in ASIO buffer size combobox
    10. [BUG FIX] Fixing some chord recognition problems
    11. [BUG FIX] Fix little problem with the "copy", "select all" functions and "right click menu" inside the chat
  • v2.0.15 (06/23/2016)
    1. [Chords] Showing last used chords (if available) for each ninjam server.
    2. [Standalone] Transmiting midi information from one VST to another (midi chain, usefull for arpeggiators, for example).
    3. [Standalone] Recognizing new MIDI Devices on start.
    4. [Standalone] Choosable ninjam audio encoding quality in audio preferences.
    5. [VST Plugin] Improving the sync between VST Plugin and Hosts (tested in Cubase, Reaper and Sonar).
    6. [VST Plugin] Avoid restart the audio streams when pressing play/start in VST hosts.
    7. [Anti Troll] Now is possible mute/block users/trolls in chat.
    8. [Metronome inprovement] Fixed the "metronome 1st beat missing" bug in full servers.
    9. [Metering] Improving meters to show peaks only, RMS only or peaks + RMS.
    10. [Linux] Fixing the launcher error for linux releases.
    11. [Recording] Generating Reaper "clipsort.log" or Reaper project (rpp)
    12. [Recording] Creating new folder for every recorded jam.
    13. [Themes] New 'Black' theme
    14. [Stereo image] Adding a button in local tracks to invert stereo image
    15. [Feedback] Always showing current BPI/BPM inside the ninjam window.
    16. [Feedback] Improving bpi/bpm input fields to show some visual feedback when a votation is running.
    17. [Bug fix] Showing users using 'voice chat' mode in reaper.
    18. [Bug fix] Fixed the peak meter problem when receiving very high levels
    19. [Chat] Deleting "Load chords" buttons when chat messages are "cleaned".
    20. [Chat] Fixing voting button appearing the 2nd time.
    21. [Chat] Not showing vote button when the 'local user' is proposing bpi/bpm changes
    22. [Chat] Fixed: enter room notification appears only once per user
    23. [Translate] Theme names are translatable.
    24. [Layout] Fixing wrong layout for local channel when adding a subchannel and Xmit is off
    25. [Layout] Fixed: ninjam track progress bar in horizontal mode is overlapping the buttons.
    26. [Layout] Fixed: Jam Room Bottom Scroll Bar (mini mode) looks a bit displaced.
    27. [Layout] Fixed: new mini mode layout not working when you add channel or subchannel
    28. [Layout] Fixed: not enough space to peak meters in local tracks [mini mode only]
    29. [Layout] Fixing margins mismatch in mini mode
    30. [Layout] Fix track group layout for disabled tracks
    31. [Layout] Problem in Xmit button when tracks are collapsed
    32. [Installer] Fixing wrong messages for VST plugin folders in Windows 32 bits installer
    33. [Installer] Fixed the crash in Windows 7 (64 bits only) installer when launching Jamtaba from installer.
    34. [Mac OSX] In Mac OSX Plugins are repeated after rescan bug
    35. [Improvement] Stripping the .json suffix from presets name
  • v2.0.14 (04/30/2016)
    1. JamTaba is translated to Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French and German. Check the translators.
    2. Built-in metronome sound database including 5 different metronome sounds.
    3. Now you can select audio files to use as metronome sounds.
    4. A resizable floating metronome window. Usefull to see a big metronome in a secondary screen.
    5. New Users Guide with a lot of improvements (thanks Jon!)
    6. Midi Tools in each track (including split and transposing)
    7. Now user name can be changed (while not jamming) directly in the main window.
    8. Allowing theme selection.
    9. Improving chat to 1) avoid break the layout when users have big names; and 2) show the message time stamp.
    10. Some minor improvements in layout to be more clean and avoid duplicated informations.
    11. Release for Linux 32 bits too (the 64 bits was available in the last version).
    12. Fixing bugs when starting in fullscreen
    13. Fixing some chords recognition false positives.
    14. Improving the interval progress painting to use same colors for all shapes and adding a new "Pie" shape.
    15. Fix server disconnection when users are using special characters in channel names.
  • v2.0.13 (02/12/2016)
    1. Linux port done! (tested in Ubuntu 14)
    2. Fixed the bug in empty user name in full servers.
    3. Fixed the bug: Changing sample rate and buffer size doesn't apply unless Jamtaba is restarted
    4. Removing the GAP in master volume controls layout
    5. Changing BPI and BPM fixed entries to more common values (BPI 8, 16, 32, 48, 64)
    6. [VSTPlugin] - ENTER key working properly in ninjam combo boxes when editing BPI or BPM
    7. Presets saving current input device
    8. Fixed the bug in listen button getting stucked when room is cleared
    9. More master volume (usefull for quiet jams)
    10. Fixed the sound crackling problem when listen public servers streams
    11. Fixing the problem in rooms list updating
    12. Allowing make the channel strips smaller by choice (narrow or wide tracks)
  • v2.0.12 (01/24/2016)
    1. Fixed the bug disconnecting from ninjamer.com
    2. More master volume
    3. Remembering the last master volume
    4. [VST Plugin] enable and disable sync with host
    5. Fixing audio preferences in Mac for devices with 0 input channels
    6. Improving the feedback about first interval downloading (using a progress bar)
    7. Adding some visual feedback when translating chat messages
    8. Little improvements in some border colors and margins
  • v2.0.11 (01/21/2016)
    1. Allowing horizontal or vertical layout for ninjam tracks
    2. Showing interval beat progress in chords to help understand how many beats a chord is played
    3. Detecting new midi and audio devices without close and reopen Jamtaba
    4. Changing pan control to horizontal slider to avoid visual problems in some platforms
    5. Fixed the crash when adding a new channel after removing the other track's subchannel
    6. Fixed the bug "Reset Track" cleans only first slot in vst rack
    7. Fixed the "Fat border bug" when changing presets from two subchannel mode to one channel mode
    8. Fixed the bug in plugin scanning running in every Jamtaba start
    9. Fixed the frozen audio peak meter when users stop transmiting
    10. Fixed the messed layout when connected in a server and look at public rooms page
    11. Reseting the local tracks Db values when "reseting tracks controls"
    12. Fixed the crash when trying to enter a full ninjam room via private server menu
    13. Fixed the blank user names when the remote user name format is X-XXX
    14. Fixed "Ghost" VST appearing after restart
    15. Painting user names with same color used in chat messages
  • v2.0.10 - xmas version (12/25/2015)
    1. [VST Plugin] - Fixed a bug in the "sync with host" feature in Cubase, Ableton and Studio One.
    2. [VST Plugin] - Fixed the chat typing bug in Ableton, Cubase and Studio One
    3. Detecting new installed VST plugins when Jamtaba is started
    4. Fixed a bug in chord progression crash (reported by Echnaton in ninbot forum)
    5. Remembering users/ninjamers details (gain, pan, mute)
    6. Fixed a bug in saving metronome settings
    7. Fixed a bug in the "busy dialog" position
    8. Fixed a bug when creating a new channel in "preparing for transmit" phase
    9. Disabling/muting ninjamers streams when listening to a public room to avoid mix these audio streams
    10. Fixed a bug in VST plugins scanner in Windows XP
    11. Improvements in audio level meter
    12. Fixed the "grayed expand button problem" when standalone is started in mini mode
    13. Little visual feedback (waiting cursor) while loading VST plugins
    14. Added visual feedback (little progress bar) while receiving the first intervals in ninjam
    15. Using a "marquee" to display big user or channel names
  • v2.0.9 (12/13/2015)
    1. Main volume fader
    2. new user interface for ninjam jams
    3. added a button to auto translate chat messages
    4. improvements in local tracks space usage when switch from mini mode to full view mode
    5. Fixed the VST plugins scanning problem in Win XP
  • v2.0.8 (12/11/2015)
    1. Input Presets - You can create/load input tracks presets.
    2. fixed the bug in VST Plugin screen size.
    3. fixed the bug generating a cropped window when Jamtaba is opened in full screen.
    4. showing if other musicians are transmiting or not. Tracks are "darker" when users are not transmiting.
    5. Added a menu entry to show the Jamtaba current version
  • v2.0.7 (11/28/2015)
    1. Auto disable xmit button when enter in a room. The xmit is auto enabled after 2 intervals.
    2. Added a button to open ASIO control panel
    3. Fixed a bug whem close preferencesDialog while playing in a ninjam server
    4. Saving full screen mode when close
    5. Added a button to discard chords
    6. Scanning VST plugins in a separated process to avoid crash Jamtaba when scanning a bad plugin
    7. Hidding the "Quit" menu option in jamtaba VST
    8. Restoring Mini mode when reopen the VST plugin
    9. Adding more volume range in metronome
    10. Hide translation icon in "chord progression" chat messages
    11. Showing the number of players, max allowed players, BPI and BPM for each public room.
    12. Fixing the chat window crop in VST plugin
    13. Allowing enable/disable "Transmit" for each Channel
    14. Avoid user entering a room with a space as nickname
    15. Showing visual feedback when receiving midi messages
    16. Allow separated config files for Standalone and VST plugin
    17. Allow cancelling plugin scanning
    18. Uninstaller removing Jamtaba2 folder in "AppData"
    19. Fix the bug when jumping to another room
  • v2.0.6 (11/17/2015)
    1. Using new free service to translate user IPs to country name and code.
    2. Change the track input mode to MIDI when user insert a VSTi.
    3. Displaying/sharing chord progressions readed from chat messages like | Dm7 | G7 | Bb | Am7
    4. Shortcuts in standalone (F1 - F4)
    5. Play while you listen to a room (play offline)
    6. Standalone and Vst have their own config now
  • v2.0.5 (11/11/2015)
    1. Keeping a visual list of enabled Vsts
    2. Plugins can be black listed and skipped to avoid crashes
    3. Fix standalong icons
    4. Preventing multiple launches in standalone
    5. Fix the crashe in standalone if 2 channels are created in vst plugin
    6. Allowing change the chat translation langhage in config file
    7. Fix a bug in output volume of chained plugins when compared to one single plugin
    8. Using installer VST plugins path as default scan PATH for VST plugins
    9. Standalone is resizing plugins windows
    10. Added a 'Mini Mode' to use a small screen, usefull to VST plugin users.
    11. Fix bugs in BPM and BPI. Now users can use BPI values between 3 and 64 and BPM values between 40 and 400.
    12. Allowing log tweeking for users
    13. Installer is remembering the last install details
    14. Fix the crash when audio device is turned off with Preferences dialog opened
    15. Boost buttons adde in tracks
  • v2.0.4 (10/26/2015)
    1. [VST plugin] Problem with chat space bar fixed.
    2. [Standalone] Plugin chain issue fixed (reported by Gevi in ninbot forum)
    3. [Vst Plugin] Avoiding multiple VST instances.
    4. [Standalone] Fixed the error in initialization when no ASIO driver is installed.
    5. [Standalone] Showing VST Paths when Preferences->VST is clicked.
  • v2.0.3 (10/23/2015)
    1. VST plugin finally released for windows 32 and 64 bits!
    2. The french developer Ezee is the new member of the dev team! Welcome Ezeeeeee :)
    3. The ninjamer Stringer is helping with new logos, layout and color scheme. Thanks Stringer!
  • v2.0.2 (10/09/2015)
    1. Fixed the problem in plugin chain - In the last versions only the last VSTi inserted in a track was generating sound
    2. Fixed the bugs in KorgLegacy VST plugins - Thanks Ancibug for your help!
    3. Ordering public rooms by musicians count
    4. Improvements in user interface
  • v2.0.1 (10/03/2015) - Thanks ninjamers for all help testing Jamtaba 2!
    1. Fixed the bug in 'room preview' pitch. Now the 'room preview' is resampled correctly.
    2. Fixed the problem in ninjam streams out of sync when users are using high sample rate (192 KHz) and small buffer sizes (128 samples).
    3. Fixed the bug in Guitar Rig 5 (a digital noise) and possibily in other multi input VST plugins (Guitar Rig 5 uses 4 inputs).
    4. Fixed bugs with some VST plugins reported byte ninjamers (dspTrigger, ABL2, GTune, Mobius).
    5. Change the color of xmit button on/off to gree/red.
    6. Added a menu to report bugs and suggest improvements.
    7. Some improvements in user interface.
    8. Showing db values for tracks and VU peaks.
    9. Fix a bug in VST plugins when sample rate is changed.
    10. Dialog to confirm bpi/bpm vote removed. Now a button appears in chat to confirm the vote.
  • First Jamtaba 2 version released! (09/26/2015)


These are the people contributing in JamTaba source code:


Tea, Nakajima Yusuke, Leo Takeshita and Pipaxis
Magnus, Martin and Echnaton9000
Torben Scharling
Caleb Petrus